Wednesday, August 29, 2007
  "Cliff Jennings" a fake
This year's Idols is producing a phenomenon. That phenomenon is known as "Cliff Jennings". Cliff auditioned in Johannesburg and sang his own song. It was terrible. He gave everyone his myspace address ( Randall refused). He showed up in Cape Town and sang my African Queen. This was just as bad and again he was chased by the judges. To no-one's surprise he showed up at the Margate auditions. Before he could get a word in, the Brown ou Randall, chased him away like a sick dog. This has created Cliff a cult following in certain circles.Cliff has a MySpace profile, a Facebook profile and numerous of groups on facebook.

I Bruinman after some asking and nudging and can now reveal “Cliff Jennings” to be film-maker and director Eduan van Jaarsveldt.
Along with fellow film-maker Stephen Abbott he runs Stealth Donkey moving pictures.
Eduan van Jaarsveldt was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to
Johannesburg when he was 12 years old.
After graduating high school, he enrolled at The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in the School of Arts.
In 2005, during his fourth year at Wits, he signed with an actor’s agency and secured his
first acting roles in the South African feature Tsotsi ,he had a small role as a policeman, and the television mini-series The Gothica Caper.

Many industry insiders know the truth. Randall has to know, hence his reactions:
JHB he walked out
CPT "The last rung on the evolutionary ladder," was Randall’s word.
In Margate he chased him in an over the top manner. Believe me he knows!

Eduan played "Sergeant Piet" in Catch a Fire.

He once again plays a policeman(Sgt Chris Brits) in Goodbye Bafana which is the story of Robben Island warder, James Gregory.

Here is a link ,on the Mnet site, to an interview with Eduan about Catch a Fire.
We've used your letter to us on MyNews24 and are following up. Please contact us in the same way you did before. We'd like to get more comment from the AWESOME BLOGGER!
Hey dude.
Although it was very clever of you, it was not cool.
Just let people believe in something positive. Living the dream is a message of hope.
Well Done Cliff - You still my hero! People like you are needed in our Society today. Keep that dream alive
Bruinman - dont you have anything better to do??
I think "bruinman" is a "bruin stain"
Is this what you do all day?
Bruinman why dont you give us your real name.
Come now Cathryn
You are a bored silly little man.
The only fake around here is Bruinman. After reading your blogs I think you need some help. Maybe you got some happiness out of the "Cliff Jrnnings" expose? Who knows ...

Some of us though are actually enjoying life and the pranks like "Cliff".
get a life you brown piece of sh##
i hope you die a slow brown/black death
"Bruinman" is a fake and a false name for a "wannabee" writer masquerading as a real person! Why don’t you expose him with the same vigour, Bruinman (or is it "Bruinmuis")? Do not run away now... Be a real man and show your mettle!!! Tell us who this GROOTBEK (blabber mouth) is - a creation of your imagination?

This is probably Cliffie and all his mates commenting, or the guys from Ogilvy Mather.
Ogilvy Mather just confirmed what was already written.
i'm surprised that more than 5 people even watch that idols bollocks, and even more surprised that people want to defend some stoopid actor with such venom, seems a bit, um, obsessed??

fokof hotnot
You're an absolute wanker! You obviously couldn't hack it as a journo, so you thought you'd bolsh your way in this way. Still won't get there. Such a dork.
Are you people stupid?!? It's all over the news that Cliff Jennings is a fake. Bruinman's just doing his job; let him be.
Good journalism, Bruinman! This Eduan van Jaarsveld actor just made Fools of South Africans and MNET. Good journalism, has got nothing to do with the colour of your skin. According to some comments some people are still deeprooted racists (aryan nation)who would otherwise believe such an expose is only worth something coming from a white man.
Hi Bruinman.

I've started an Idols blog on Do you mind if I put a link to THIS post? You can e-mail me on

Here is a link to my site

I'm just surprised by the nastiness of the people who've commented to this post.

I think its great that you outed this guy. That's what journalism, blogginng, and the internet is about - spreading information. Idols on the other hand has fabricated incidents in their reality show.

Your allegations have been confirmed and frankly it was a poor stunt on behalf of M-Net and Ogilvy Jhb. *What* were Ogilvy thinking? I find it hard to believe that they cooked up the scheme themselves. I wonder what their brief was, and I wonder which exec came up with the idea.

(Also checked out Cliff Jennings page on the Idols page - you can SO tell that he's no more than a poorly thought out caricature. Some people sitting in a room, trying to think of the ultimate geek - and failing badly at it!)

The whole point of a *reality show* is reality. If this is what they're doing to pep things up, then they should just stop being facetious and quit calling Idols a reality show. They may as well hire all the final ten, and script all the lines. It so often seems like the judges comments are prescripted that it won't be much of a stretch.
I agree with the previous commenter. I'm also glad this was exposed.
yes well done man. Ogilvy totally f&cked up by accidentally letting the cat out of the bag - and now they carry on as if they did this major viral campaign. Wake up Ogilvy and MNET - viral only works if it is based on the truth. Making fools of the public is a very bad idea and this is most definitely going to backfire on both of them. As the CEO of a small IT company, I certainly will not ever use Ogilvy in future because of their obvious lack of detail and carelessness.
Ummm..."Reality"? If you have any experience (or brain) you would realise that this is purely a term.
Televiion, reality or drama, thrives on the power of contruction thereby generating a story.
Bruinman is just an angry and average journalist who, along with all the others who "knew all along" got fooled and are angry that they didn't know the truth from the outset. For the record, He didn't even break the story originally, he merely followed the leads from those more intelligent than himself and then, like a child, ran off and "told on"...LONG LIVE THE DREAM!
Well done Bruinman, we're helping spread the word here:
To the Fans of Cliff Jennings.

You like him because he is a fictional character with a particular personality and vigor. You identify these traits because you either relate to them or you are inspired by them. No one said it was wrong to follow him and no one said there's any negativity about him.

The 'Cliff Jennings' character was created to arouse interests in the Idols show and increase viewer ratings, in other words ...popularity! In reality TV, things are not created to perform a certain act, but rather its 'the' natural human act that puts the reality into a Reality Show.

The person you should be boo'ing is Eduan van Jaarsveldt, the true identity behind Cliff Jennings, also Ogilvy the Ad Agency who are/were the masterminds of Cliff Jennings and the Idols Management Team for executing this action.

So, is it fair to criticise Bruinman for publishing the true identity of Cliff Jennings ... as did the Mail & Guardian who published information about Manto's personal hospital records?

In both cases, it is about exposing the truth from which people have been blinded from or being oblivious about.
This great!!! Foiling the worst of all product placement!! Good on you!! Reading the crap from sad sobs above and all their pathetic "it was real" TV dribble was hilarious. It has been a while coming but this should send a pretty clear message that "entertainment" manipulation can only go so far and will really back fire big time if exposed.
Well done Mnet and Ogilvy, Think you got the desired affect people are still talking about Cliff Jennings and therefore still talking about Idols... Brilliant!
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